How much does it cost to make an app in 2020

ByArti Chaudhary

How much does it cost to make an app in 2020

In today’s scenario when every person is using mobile & aware about the online platform uses, it became so easy to connect with your client directly according to their needs & demand. Gone are the days when social media was the only platform to build brand equity now building custom mobile apps is the latest & accurate method to generate sales. 

As the global number of mobile phone users growing steadily, the number of app downloads is also projected to increase. According to a survey over 2 million apps are available for download on the Google Play store, while 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App Store in 2020.

So we can see the opportunity clearly here, now the question arise how much does it cost to make an app ?

Well it all depend on clients requirement because there are so many factors which affect the cost For instance, the app can be developed by a private organisation or by a resourceful team or it can also be put together by a freelancer. This will make a huge difference to the app development cost.

But before you speak to anyone let us clear some important points which is meaningful to develop an app. 

Free apps, Paid apps & e-commerce?

You can also make an app free. they make money through various ways such as: advertising, sponsorship, and email marketing etc.

The paid apps make money directly by the no. of downloads. Moreover, it’s important to set a right price for the paid app.

eCommerce apps make money mostly by selling their own products and by getting commissions from the sellers.

There are two version of an app – 

  1. IOS Application : You may choose to go with the latest versions only, which can keep your development time and costs low. iOS apps generally cost less than that of Android apps and are quicker to build. Paid apps are more likely to be successful on this platform as the audience is more affluent. Apple has a strict guideline which ensures the quality of apps on the app store.

2.  Android Application :  Android has lower cost per download as compared to that of iOS.

     It has low maintenance cost as they are not required to be updated regularly like that of iOS.

     Guidelines for Android are more lenient which reduces the cost of app development. 

The cost to development an app also depend on the what type or category the application falls under. Let’s have a look at the different types of application. 

Web Application – Any application which can be operated through mobile are called web application. Many surveys show that 80% of smartphone users prefer mobile apps over websites. 

Native applicationIt is a type of app which is developed for a specific OS whether Android or iOS. These apps are complex in nature and provide rich user experience.

Hybrid applicationThis app is simpler in nature as it functions on a single programming language. However, unlike native apps it can work on both the platforms.

How do we estimate the cost of app development  ?

well we do a lot of research & set meetings to identify the needs & actual requirement of our client then we give some roughly estimation of the project. No one will tell you the exact price of an app as it depend on the features but here are our process for making an app development process. 

We process the initial requirements we have collected & perform basic business analysis, considering all your product specifics, to offer a solution that meets your expectations. 

Then we estimate the price of the app. When we go through all the details then we set a brief meeting to present our feedback, get clarifications. We also try to specify the scope of work for your project so we can prepare an optimal project offer.  

Once you approve the rough estimate, we proceed with a detailed estimate, for which we identify the requirements for each scope of work planned, make wireframes to show you what exactly your web, iOS, or Android app will look like, and prepare project-related documentation.

Finally, we negotiate an offer to find the best possible solution for your business.

We provide full-cycle development services for mobile and web apps. This means that an app’s price covers every service related to product development, including project management. 

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