How much does it cost to make a game like PUBG/Call of Duty in 2020

ByArti Chaudhary

How much does it cost to make a game like PUBG/Call of Duty in 2020

According to a survey PUBG has officially made nearly half a billion dollars in the first six months of the release, mobile game development is a growing market & a new trend to earn massive money.  In 2015, global mobile app revenue amounted to 69.7 billion USD. Looking at the way this industry is booming, it is expected that by 2020 revenue will amount to 188.9 billion USD!

In today scenario people are extremely busy & spend lots of time on their smart phone. Now every thing is connected to the Internet. You can pay your bills, shopping, social media games & what not.  

Mobile games are a man’s “new” friend Smartphone games are the perfect cure for your dizziness. Mobile games, especially PUBG and Call of Duty, are nowadays most popular due to its addictive nature and class-apart features.

Nowadays, gamers are always on the lookout for something exciting and interesting. PUBG has come off as one of the top-rated games that are ruling the gaming world with amazing graphics, multilevel challenges, and some fun-exciting features.

It has developed such a buzz over the web that in the coming future, it does not seem to be shutting down quickly.

Platform : This is the first step before making any game. who is your target audience which platform is the best & for what kind of customers you are looking for like Android, Apple or IOS .

Developing an app for Apple users are more costly than android. 

Concept & Storylines : The concept of the game is the basic & essential requirement to develop a game. What type of game is it? what are the features, and what will be the unique strategy that can make your game engaging? All these things can hold gamer attention. Gamers always seeks something new & challenging if they don’t feel engage then they can switch any time. So the game must have interesting multilevel challenges, in-app rewards, exciting challenges, and high-quality audio-video visuals. It will boost the player’s interest in the game and also the goodwill of the game.  

Graphic Design : A game developer knows about the importance of the graphics to making an exceptional game. Developing a game with realistic graphics and additional features in the design will make your game a treat for gamers. For this you need a excellent team who can help to convert your graphical imagination into reality. They must include 3D graphics, impressive designs that can easily attract the targeted customers.  

Cost to Develop the Mobile App

All the features that have been described above impact the cost of developing an app like PUBG. Developing games like PUBG requires intensive efforts in designing and planning. It took more than 1 years to develop PUBG game. You need to be patience & work intensive to get the best result. Everything should be according to the planning. The development of games depends on gameplay, designs, weapons, and other unique strategies. The games are generally developed by highly-skilled, experienced professionals that also include the development cost according to the graphics and features. 

Developing and creating games required intensive efforts in designing, planning that time ranges between 1 to 2 years or even more. While developing the app, make sure you sanction the budget for every aspect according to the needs and trends of the game. Estimating the exact cost of mobile application development is hard. It fluctuates depending on the many factors like features and functionality you choose.

How do we estimate the cost of app development  ?

Technology to build an app like PUBG/COD Mobile

Programming languages for backend – 

Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails. Unity and Unreal Engine have developed special tools to develop games!

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